What is a Hamper?

Traditionally, a hamper is a basket of food and drink specially assorted and gifted as a Christmas gift. Baskets are usually lined with a soft material such as wood wool. The items in the basket are arranged on top. Then, a bow is tied around the hamper and cellophane is used to wrap it.

However, a “gift hamper” or “gift basket” are now used to refer to a collection of different items grouped together into one package for gifting purposes. They can come in various configurations, various sizes and shapes and as such can be used to meet a wide range of gift-giving opportunities. There are different types of gift hampers to choose from, many of which are specially arranged for certain occasions, putting together different items that work well with each other, like combining some sweet gifts with others that work great as practical gifts. These items fit a theme and are beautifully presented together.

Gift hampers typically have some lovely packaging and a nice handle. In the most popular form, they’re an assemblage of different items in one package. Both food and non-food items can be found in them.

They are one such surprise present that never fails to impress the receiver. They look much more sophisticated than a bouquet of flowers or your typical gift box, and they can be a great gift for many different occasions. The contents of the hamper are just as important as the hamper itself. The main aim is to surprise the receiver and for that reason, our exquisite range of hamper collections is always a good idea.

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Say thank you for our excellent collection

Thank you this two-word phrase is the best way to show appreciation. And if you deliver it with a gift hamper, your recipient will be thrilled. However, finding the right gift to go with these words can be a challenge and it is really tough to find the perfect gift to express your gratitude.

There are some gift ideas that strike as a perfect gift for your loved ones. Days like valentines, anniversaries and birthdays have always been a reason for celebration. As time goes by we tend to ignore the significance of these celebrations. Through the passage of time, we are able to see how important they really are. Valuable time and effort are spent in selecting a gift that would please the recipient in every possible way and make them feel special.

The Sweet Bite Hamper

There is no special day or time to say thank you to your loved ones, however:

You may want to thank:-

  • Your employee for being an outstanding performer,
  • Your neighbour for supporting you in your tough times,
  • Your friend who helped you out in your bad times,
  • Your husband/wife for their selfless and unconditional love,

Or even your son or daughter who always cares and respects you.

Whether it’s for your best friend’s birthday or a congratulatory gift for your colleague’s promotion, there’s something so personal and thoughtful about receiving dry fruits, desserts, chocolates, and wine.

A delicious food hamper is a perfect way to show your appreciation for the people you care about, and to make them feel special, especially when it’s filled with mouth-watering treats. Try our sweet bite today to Say “THE PERFECT THANK YOU” with a FREE personalized handwritten message card.

The right words can put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel great. Writing in a caring tone shows that they mean something to you and makes it easier to say thank you. That is why it’s worth using custom thank-you cards.

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We have exquisite gift items that will delight any person and make them smile. A gift hamper is not just a collection of stuff. It’s a carefully assembled custom choice for a particular person or a family. Someone has thought about what would be most pleasing to the recipient and put it all together in a present. In this way, it’s often possible to make something unique, at a much lower price than buying each gift separately. gourmet food
packed in a beautiful box with a personal message from you will surely melt the heart of your loved ones.

No matter the occasion, gift hampers will brighten anybody’s day. They’re that perfect little package of treats or thoughtful souvenirs. You can buy a pre-made gift hamper or make your own. Nowadays, especially in this busy world, people tend to buy hampers online because they are easily available and delivered right to your doorstep. It does not matter whether you are sending it to your friend on a special occasion, or if you want to send a nice gift to someone far away – gift hampers presented by OHampers are the ideal way to go. We deliver our products throughout Australia, and we offer free standard shipping to all our customers.

Ohampers Australia makes hassle-free shopping and delivery a reality.